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I would like to introduce myself. My name is Scott Sturm. I am running for U.S. Representative for Texas’ 17th Congressional District facing incumbent Bill Flores in the upcoming Midterm Elections.

I want to give the voters of District 17 a real choice for change come November 6th, 2018. I have a really good feeling about this campaign. I know if we all work together across the country for a change in Congress, we can make history this next election.

Though I am running as a candidate for the Democratic Party I ask you this: when going to a restaurant and before you order your food do you ask which brands they used in order to determine whether or not it will taste good? When you are in a clothing store and you see an outfit you like do you look at the brand label and let that be the sole determining factor as to whether or not you would wear it? When you walk into a voting booth do you simply choose all the names in your Party column ...without ever glancing at the names or knowing anything about the people you just chose or what they stand for?

A Political Party is just a label and nothing more. A way to broadly categorize a group of people who claim a singular ideology but whose opinions and interests do not always coincide. In the end, when a term of office comes to close, the label will not be of consequence but the intentions set forth, the words that followed, and the actions taken thereafter that mattered.

When it comes to the success of a term in office it will have been the onus of the person that held the office so when you vote you must vote for a person and not a label. It is the responsibility of the electorate to get to know all the candidates and vote for the one who holds your ideals, your dreams, and your hopes dear to them.

You, the voters, are the landlords of our liberty and those of us whom you choose to elect to office are nothing more than the caretakers of the country sent there to mend what is broken, uphold what is right, and to speak for the unspoken and the unheard. The power invested in us by you is not God given or boundless but beholden to the Union and subject to the will of the people.

Subject to you.

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I’m choosing to run to be an advocate for the people who need it most. Public service is a privilege, and has been for me for the past sixteen years working as a Paramedic. I plan to put the people first.

Large segments of this country have been ignored by our representatives in Washington DC. Voters now have an opportunity to send a message to our nation’s capital that they do not agree with the way things are headed. We can send a Representative to replace Bill Flores who will stand up for the people of this district and this Country and stand up to President-elect Trump.

I am running because I long for a country that is fair and just to all. a country that values our most vulnerable communities, a country that thrives with innovation and entrepreneurship, a country that puts people above politics — and "politics as usual."

I am running for Congress because I saw that, now more than ever, we need people of principle in power.

I am running for Congress because our system favors the big corporations and the wealthy. The time has come to fight against this inequality. The corporate and special interests have had their voice in Congress, and they have too many members scared of their power. If you elect me, you can be sure that I will stand up for working people, not the one percent.

We face a lot of challenges today not just in Texas but in America. People like Donald Trump are whipping up hate and fear across the country, resulting in a rise in anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim violence. Our country should not be a country of fear, but a country of promise. As I have always believed so will I lead in providing a different vision because I know like you do that America’s biggest strength is our diversity.

The government we currently have is corrupt and broken. I think most Americans feel the way I do. We are fed up with Washington and we need to shake things up and give this country back to the people! I know if voters here can get to know me, and know they have a choice for the people, change will happen.

I am not afraid of big dreams, of achieving things that others say are not possible. I’m not afraid of laying out a real vision that speaks truth to power and inspires people to join us. Even disbelievers and those who may not always agree see in me an honest and effective broker who’s willing to put aside partisan politics when there are people of good faith on both sides who want to work towards real change. But if it turns to playing games with people’s lives or grandstanding, I’m unafraid to challenge the status quo.

We need someone who will protect Social Security and Medicare and preserve these vital services that keep our seniors out of poverty.

We need a Congressman that will work to raise the minimum wage and create a more balanced economy that rewards the workers, and not the CEO’s and the bankers on Wall Street.

We need to protect the labor unions and workers’ rights to come together and stand up for themselves.

I am running to protect women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions and will stand with Planned Parenthood. We need a Congressman who will work to ensure that equal pay for equal work is the law of the land and that women are paid the same as men who work in the same job.

We need to do more for our Veterans, who have bravely done their part to protect our freedom. We need to support our Veterans to make sure the men and women who serve our nation get the quality healthcare they deserve.

This campaign is for college students wondering how they are going to find jobs in a declining economy while indebted with student loans.

Americans are working harder today but they are not getting ahead. I am running for Congress because I believe it is Congress who isn’t working hard enough to make sure the hard working people are getting ahead.

We need effective leaders who know both how to get things done as well as how to stand up for their constituents, rather than for corporate lobbyists.

We need movement builders who understand that our role as elected officials is not only to pass good policy or stop bad policy, but to help inspire hope, trust, and a new generation of activism.

In the end, the powerful have their voice—I humbly ask that I may be yours. I will be bold, I will be honest and I will demand justice. I will be your fighter in Congress. I am ready to take on Washington by bringing a fresh perspective and the pragmatic, progressive change we need.

I would be honored to have your support.

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